AprilAire replacement 80 Steam Canister With O-Ring (for leak proof seal) For Model 800 and 865.

The steam canister is the heart of the humidifier, it is responsible for generating the steam and then distributing it throughout the home. Current runs between two electrodes within the canister, heating your water to a boil and creating steam that is distributed through the HVAC system.

Humidity for Health

AprilAire humidifers replacement help maintain optimal humidity in your home (40% to 60%) which can reduce respiratory infections, asthma and allergy related symptoms. 


To keep the humidification sytem running at optimal efficency replace the steam canister annually.


More Information
Manufacturer Aprilaire
Product Type Humidification
Service Interval 12 Months
Product Length 12.500
Product Width 5.850
Product Height 5.850
Product Weight 1.105
Color White
Country of Manufacture United States
Dimension Length 13.250000
Dimension Width 6.350000
Dimension Height 6.300000


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