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Troubleshooting - 5000 Air Cleaner

1. If the light does NOT come on when the furnace blower is running, try removing the guts from the metal cabinet.

2. Put the door back on and turn the air cleaner back on.

3. Get the furnace blower running again.

4. If the light comes on NOW but does not come on when the guts are installed you MOST likely have a bad filter media.

4. Inspect the core assembly or guts for a broken ionizer wire. A broken ionizer wire can short out the air cleaner.

5. If you have no broken wires, replace the filter media and test it again.

6. If the light will not come on with the furnace running and the core or guts removed you likely have a bad power pack assembly. The power pack assembly is NOT repairable so you will need a new door assembly. If you want us to verify it for you we do offer a DIAGNOSTIC service where we test your Aprilaire 5000 door assembly. Learn More.

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