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Aprilaire 8100 Air Exchanger

Aprilaire 8100 Air Exchanger Parts

The Aprilaire 8100 Energy Recovery Ventilator is designed to work in conjunction with the home's forced air system, or totally independent, incorporating its own duct system to provide the homeowner with 1) a supply of fresh air distributed into the living space and 2) to exhaust stale air from the home to the outdoors through the Energy Max Transfer Core. It is designed to handle homes with up to 3,600 ft of living space.
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Aprilaire 5151 Energy Exchange Core Energy Exchange Core
On Sale $502.80
Aprilaire 5152 Blower Assembly Blower Assembly
On Sale $585.00
Aprilaire 5153 EZ Kleen Filter EZ Kleen Filter
On Sale $19.58
Aprilaire 5154 Support Channel Support Channel
On Sale $32.58
Aprilaire 5155 Access Door Access Door
On Sale $168.70
Aprilaire 5156 Mounting Hardware Mounting Hardware
On Sale $145.95
Aprilaire 5157 Power Cord Power Cord
On Sale $32.58
Aprilaire 5158 Air Flow Measuring Device Air Flow Measuring Device
On Sale $181.70
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