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Aprilaire 800 Humidifier

Aprilaire 800 Humidifier Parts

The Aprilaire 800 humidifier requires regular maintenance consisting of replacing the steam canister as it scales up with mineral deposits from your water supply. The Aprilaire Model 800 Steam Humidifier is a self-contained device that takes tap water and boils it, using electrode technology, to create steam. The humidifier generates steam by energizing two electrodes that extend into a canister of water. Current flowing between the electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam. The steam flows through a steam hose and is injected into a moving airstream by the way of a distribution tube. The steam flows out of the distribution tube into the duct work through a series of small tubelets which create an even, drip-free transfer of steam into the moving airstream.

NOTE: The only difference between the 800 and the model 801 is that the 801 has a modulating control board but the 800 has an on-off control board.

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Aprilaire 80 Steam Canister And O-Ring Steam Canister And O-Ring
SKU: 80
On Sale $114.83
Aprilaire 4001 Saddle Valve Saddle Valve
SKU: 4001
On Sale $15.50
Aprilaire 4004 Strainer Screen Strainer Screen
SKU: 4004
On Sale $6.33
Aprilaire 4028 Drain Trap Assembly Drain Trap Assembly
SKU: 4028
On Sale $110.25
Aprilaire 4592 Airflow Switch Airflow Switch
SKU: 4592
On Sale $110.08
Aprilaire 4594 High Humidity Limit Switch High Humidity Limit Switch
SKU: 4594
On Sale $252.06
Aprilaire 4856 High Temperature Condensate Pump High Temperature Condensate Pump
SKU: 4856
On Sale $126.83
Aprilaire 4973 Steam Hose Kit Steam Hose Kit
SKU: 4973
On Sale $171.16
Aprilaire 4974 Drain Hose Kit Drain Hose Kit
SKU: 4974
On Sale $74.83
Aprilaire 4975 Membrane Switch Membrane Switch
SKU: 4975
On Sale $37.13
Aprilaire 4976 Transformer Transformer
SKU: 4976
On Sale $161.45
Aprilaire 4977 Power Relay Power Relay
SKU: 4977
On Sale $43.33
Aprilaire 4978 Electrode Wire Electrode Wire
SKU: 4978
On Sale $91.88
Aprilaire 4979 Ground Lug Ground Lug
SKU: 4979
On Sale $7.88
Aprilaire 4980 Input Power Terminal Block Input Power Terminal Block
SKU: 4980
On Sale $84.00
Aprilaire 4981 Internal Control Circuit Board Internal Control Circuit Board
SKU: 4981
On Sale $212.10
Aprilaire 4982 Current Sensing Circuit Board Current Sensing Circuit Board
SKU: 4982
On Sale $155.40
Aprilaire 4983 Drain Valve Drain Valve
SKU: 4983
On Sale $290.86
Aprilaire 4984 Inlet Fill Valve And Water Feed System Inlet Fill Valve And Water Feed System
SKU: 4984
On Sale $93.20
Aprilaire 4985 Drain Cup Assembly Drain Cup Assembly
SKU: 4985
On Sale $60.38
Aprilaire 4986 Front Panel And Screw Front Panel And Screw
SKU: 4986
On Sale $65.63
Aprilaire 4987 Electrical Access Panel And Screw Electrical Access Panel And Screw
SKU: 4987
On Sale $76.13
Aprilaire 4988 Safety Interlock Switch Safety Interlock Switch
SKU: 4988
On Sale $27.58
Aprilaire 4989 Fill Cup And Hoses Fill Cup And Hoses
SKU: 4989
On Sale $49.50
Aprilaire 4990 Fill Cup Cap Fill Cup Cap
SKU: 4990
On Sale $5.25
Aprilaire 4991 Steam Dispersion Tube And Screws Steam Dispersion Tube And Screws
SKU: 4991
On Sale $61.70
Aprilaire 4993 Manual Control And Relay Manual Control And Relay
SKU: 4993
On Sale $86.63
Aprilaire 5258 O-Ring O-Ring
SKU: 5258
On Sale $7.31
Aprilaire 5306 Transformer Transformer
SKU: 5306
On Sale $122.06
Aprilaire 5307 Power Input Terminal Block Power Input Terminal Block
SKU: 5307
On Sale $23.25
Aprilaire 5308 Transformer Terminal Block Transformer Terminal Block
SKU: 5308
On Sale $26.19
Aprilaire 5309 Fill Valve Fill Valve
SKU: 5309
On Sale $93.20
Aprilaire 62 Automatic Humidistat Digital Control Automatic Humidistat Digital Control
SKU: 62
On Sale $159.88
Aprilaire 65 Automatic Humidistat Controller Automatic Humidistat Controller
SKU: 65
On Sale $130.83
Aprilaire 850 Steam Humidifier Fan Pack Steam Humidifier Fan Pack
SKU: 850
On Sale $9,999.99
Aprilaire 5529 Universal Transformer Transformer
SKU: 5529
On Sale $40.33
Aprilaire 5531 Fill Valve Inlet Fill Valve And Water Feed System
SKU: 5531
On Sale $93.20
Aprilaire 80LC Steam Canister And O-Ring Steam Canister And O-Ring
On Sale $114.83

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