The Aprilaire 62 humidistat includes a built in blower activation switch. Has digital display on the front cover to show you how humid it is in your home. Comes with outdoor air sensor. Can be retrofit installed on any humidifier with a 24 volt AC control system to make it AutoTrac style. Includes installation instructions. This system is so advanced it automatically lowers and raises the humidity setpoint as the outdoor air temperature changes. Humidistat must be mounted to the return air duct ahead of the humidifier. This item is the same as the model 60 BUT does not have a Change Water Panel indicator light. It is designed for steam style humidifiers but will work on any humidifier.


More Information
Manufacturer Aprilaire
Product Length 5.950
Product Width 4.300
Product Height 1.750
Product Weight 0.410
Package Length 6.650
Package Width 4.600
Package Height 2.500




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