Automatic Humidifier Control. This is a 24-volt duct-mounted humidistat. It is capable of operating in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, it uses the included outdoor air temperature sensor to compare the outdoor air temperature to an internal program and automatically raises and lowers the humidity setting of your home based on how cold it is outside. The purpose of this feature is to reduce or eliminate fogging of your windows. It can not be wall-mounted. When installed in manual mode it operates without the use of an outdoor air temperature sensor and keeps the humidity setting to whatever level you set it to. We recommend installing it in the automatic mode since this requires less adjustment all winter long.


More Information
Manufacturer Aprilaire
Product Length 6.000
Product Width 4.200
Product Height 1.850
Product Weight 0.220
Package Length 6.550
Package Width 4.550
Package Height 2.450




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