The Aprilaire 4040 solenoid valve is a 24 volt AC electrically-operated valve that turns the water on and off to your humidifier. Preinstalled inside of the valve is a 4004 strainer screen, which filters the incoming water, catching things like sand and dirt which could otherwise clog the valve. The solenoid valve needs to be replaced roughly every ten years, but if it fails and is stuck open or closed, it should be replaced immediately. This part is manufactured with either a round solenoid coil OR a square solenoid coil depending upon which production line they come off of. Both work for all applications.

NOTE: Also known as part 4357.


More Information
Manufacturer Aprilaire
Product Length 3.150
Product Width 2.150
Product Height 1.700
Product Weight 0.305
Material Brass
Package Length 6.400
Package Width 4.200
Package Height 1.850




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