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Aprilaire 2275 Air Cleaner

Aprilaire 2275 Air Cleaner Parts

Aprilaire 2275 air cleaner filters must be replaced twice per year, more often in a commercial application.
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Aprilaire 275 Pleated Filter Media Pleated Filter Media
SKU: 275
On Sale $29.95
Aprilaire 4172 On Off Switch On Off Switch
SKU: 4172
On Sale $31.00
Aprilaire 4173 Fan Blade Fan Blade
SKU: 4173
On Sale $49.50
Aprilaire 4174 Motor Motor
SKU: 4174
On Sale $136.00
Aprilaire 4175 Safety Screen Safety Screen
SKU: 4175
On Sale $37.13
Aprilaire 4176 Prefilter Prefilter
SKU: 4176
On Sale $29.58

Recommended Maintenance

  • Once a year (varies based on use): Replace Air Filter

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