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Aprilaire 2140 Air Cleaner

Aprilaire 2140 Air Cleaner Parts

Aprilaire 2140 air cleaner filters must be replaced twice per year if you have heating and air conditioning or once per year if you have just heating. Aprilaire air cleaner filters are not cleanable or washable. Failure to replace the filters often enough may cause problems with your heating and cooling system.


We are pleased to announce an upgrade kit is NOW AVAILABLE for the model 2140 air cleaner. This upgrade kit will increase the efficiency of your existing air cleaner to a MERV 13 (A 65% Improvement). This replaces the previous 104 filter, which is no longer available.
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Aprilaire 1413 Upgrade Kit & Filter Upgrade Kit & Filter
On Sale $79.95
Aprilaire 413 Pleated Filter Media Pleated Filter Media
On Sale $51.95
Aprilaire 413 Pleated Filter Media 2 Pack Pleated Filter Media 2 Pack
On Sale $98.71
Aprilaire 4349 Latches (set of 4) Latches (set of 4)
On Sale $25.30
Aprilaire 4624 Access Door Access Door
On Sale $9,999.99
Aprilaire 4635 Rilter Rail Rilter Rail
On Sale $52.50
Aprilaire 4896 Styrofoam Door Seal Styrofoam Door Seal
On Sale $8.00

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